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Many people ask us how they can help, so we’ve highlighted various popular methods of donation below. Chances are, though, that if you think we could use it, we could. So please send specific questions/ideas/suggestions to with the subject “I Want to Make a Donation”. Drop-off can either occur during open hours or can be arranged independently (just contact us!).

Donate your money:

Financial donations of any amount are welcome and extremely appreciated.

Donations can be made through using a credit card or PayPal account.

You can also donate with Venmo, Our user name is: BushwickCityFarm

Donate your time:

We can’t say it enough – we can definitely use volunteers. Our “Hours & Locations” page lists times that the various sites are open. In addition to whatever is going on that day, we always need people to:

  • Pick up donations (usually food) from local businesses
  • Cook food for Sunday giveaways
  • Assist with farm maintenance & building                           
  • Operate & expand current programs
  • Share knowledge through workshops

Donate your materials:

If you have things that you aren’t using but know others could, we can certainly connect you. Most often, we accept:

  • Food and compost from individuals & businesses
  • Clothing from individuals & businesses
  • Program materials from individuals & businesses (we can always use dictionaries, workbooks and chalkboards for our free ESL classes)
  • Farm supplies from individuals & businesses…in particular:
      • cat food  for our farm cats
      • organic-layer chicken feed or corn, grains & veggies for our birds
      • fruit trees, flowers & organic veggie seeds/seedlings
      • straw, hay, wood chips, soil
      • another space for us to expand!
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