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The Stockton Street expansion is a work-in-progress and a perfect opportunity for you urban farmers to come get your hands dirty and learn what goes in to establishing your own community garden.

For several years, the lot was only partially fenced-off, which made it a prime attractive nuisance. The site of a great deal of negative activity, including illegal dumping and a gruesome murder, it is currently undergoing rehabilitation. In its new life, it will be a larger version of the Broadway Farm. We have several projects on our to-do list before the Stockton Lot is complete, including:

-Completion of fence: currently the Stockton Lot is fenced in on three sides, with efforts underway to clear the rubble and stabilize the ground for the final (fourth side) fencing installment.

-Building and planting of flower and tree boxes: we have several fruit tree boxes in place, and even a couple of fruit trees, but we’ll need even more to plant the fruits and veggies that we’ll be growing…and, of course, we need to actually plant those fruits and veggies (insert hauling of soil, gathering of seeds, digging of holes, etc)!!

-Chicken coop raising: the Stockton Lot will be home to several fowl neighbors (some of whom will be making the move across the street from the Broadway Farm). Before they can check out the new digs, they need shelter!

Mush, munchkins!

-Cat house renovation: several cats currently call the Stockton Lot home, and we plan to continue to make their stay as safe and comfortable as possible.

-Bench building: it is a community garden, after all, and we plan to have places for the community to sit!

-Wood chip spreading: ah, the ubiquitous chore! It’s never complete! For the time being, we’ll always have some wood chips that need to be spread to continue to ensure a barrier between the living surface of the lot and the decades of pollution and city refuse that are underneath.

All that said…it’s looking pretty good!

This gate was made from scratch...but not chicken scratch!


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