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In the late summer of 2008, a small group of local residents began clearing the vacant lot at 897 Broadway. Rusting metal, rotting machinery, used hypodermic needles and city refuse were removed and replaced with locally-sourced, free and non-toxic building materials, soil and wood chips…and, eventually, some chickens and cats. The seed of self-sufficiency had been planted and since then, this unlikely lot in Bushwick has provided space for the cultivation of a living learning opportunity for all of us.

This first City Free Farm, known as Bushwick City Farm, was a hub for the community to gather, volunteer, utilize free classes, donate and select gently-used clothing, and take fresh vegetables and fruits and, year-round, every other week, eggs from our chickens. The motto is give-as-you-can, take-only-what-you-need.

This original location was closed in August 2013 at the request the owner who intends to build on the lot.

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