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The monthly total for May was:

89 volunteer days, 272 hours worked, 30 dozen eggs given away


Thursday, May 30th, 2013

1 volunteer for 6 hrs work





We had 1 volunteer for 3 hrs work



Tuesday May 28th, 2013

Today we had one volunteer for 1.5 hours work

turned compost and watered greenhouse (chicken coop)


It was memorial day

Sunday, May 26th

We had 7 volunteers for 24 hours work

We harvested a full large basket of turnips, radishes, spinach, and kale

We gave away 9 dozen eggs and some clothes

We built a water catchment system off the coop at stockton


5 volunteers for 20 hours work

Cleaned the chicken coop

Cleaned the greens area

Built a compost

Transplanting and weeding


No volunteers, Lyons school 2 hours


2 volunteers for 6 hours work

Jobpath 3.5 hours

Lyons school 2 hour

Rain out at woodshop


2 volunteers for 7 hours work

Lyons school





3 volunteers for 5 hours work

Misc garden work (seeding watering)

Lyons school

Sunday May 19th, 2013

Super rainy day

5 volunteers for 10 hours work

We gave away 8 dozen eggs and no clothes

We harvested and gave away a ton of turnips and some radishes


5 volunteers for 17 hours work

worked on broadway community board project

transplanted and seeded a lot at stockton


1 volunteer for 2 hours

Lyons school

misc gardening


2 volunteer 7 hours work

jobpath 3 hours

woodshop 2 hours


2 volunteers for 6 hours work

lyons school



1 volunteer for 4 hours

Picked up wood

lyons school

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5


Monday May 13th, 2013

Today we had one volunteer for 3 hours.

We brought wood for the gazebo project and worked with the Lyons Community School.

Sunday May 12th, 2013

We had 10 volunteers who worked for 38 hours

We put the chain link up on the side fence, built and bulletin and made a platform for the water catchment barrel. Corn and pole beans were planted in front of the lot.

We gave out 8 dozens eggs and 2 bags of clothes.

We also had a barbeque.

notes: fruit trees have set their fruit and the azalea is in full bloom.

Saturday May 11, 2013 

We had 6 volunteers for a total of 17 hours on a

It was a rainy day.

We started a new compost at broadway.

Transplanted radishes at Stockton and kale and swiss chard at Broadway.

We helped facilitate a seed bomb workshop hosted by Evergreen Lots across the street at the NYRP garden.


We had one volunteer for 2 hours.

Lyons school came and worked on the gazebo shingles.


We had 4 volunteers.

Ben from Jobpath came for 3 hours and we seeded and worked in the woodshop.

During wood shop hours we worked on building a bench.


Rain day


1 Volunteer for 3 hours.

We got wood for the gazebo spindles and more hexagon planters.

Watering and weeding at Stockton.


1 Volunteer for 3 hours.

Lyons school came for 3 hours to work on the gazebo.

Watering and weeding at Stockton.

IMG_3951 IMG_3980 IMG_3994 photo 1


Sunday May 5th, 2013

Today we had 10 volunteers for 30 hours work.

We gave away 5 dozen eggs and 2 bags of clothes.

The new duck got looked at by a neighbor veterinarian again.  It’s healthy despite it’s broken leg, which is not a new injury.

We seeded, planted, transplanted, potted up, watered.

Started another hexagon box.


We had 12 volunteers for 35 hours work.

Lots of seeding, finished another hexagon box.


2 volunteers for 9 hours work

jobpath 3 hours

woodshop 4 hours

stockton 2 hours


3 volunteers for 10hours work



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