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February 2012 Newsletter

Bushwick City Farm

February Newsletter


Barman’s Fund donates Blackboard & Dictionaries for our ESL class and fruit trees for the Stockton Farm!! The Barmans Fund is a group of Bartenders in Brooklyn that pool their tips once a month to donate to a local charity. Its an awesome idea by an awesome group of folks! They have bought us a beautiful huge blackboard for our free ESL English classes, along with English/Spanish dictionaries for all our students!! Thank you Barmans Fund for helping us continue to make quality free English Classes a reality in Bushwick!! The Barmans Fund has also donated 4 grafted multi-fruit fruit trees to be planted at the Stockton st Farm!! Check out the Barmans Fund at
NYC Change by us Grant!! The NYC Citizens Committee, a non-profit with a long history of tremendous work in the NYC area, has granted us $900 for our new Farm! This money will go towards 12 sq yards of soil to fill our veggie beds and hardware cloth for a rat-proof community compost system. Most exciting this grant will also go to fund a bee hive to produce honey and pollinate our crops! Thank you NYC Ciizens Committee, these funds will help us produce more free food in and for our community! For more info on the NYC Citizens Committee –
* Scary finger puppet making at Halloween-fest
This winter help keep our neighbors warm & fed! Please help us continue to serve our community by donating your gently worn clothes. Clothes drop off is at the Broadway Farm – 897 Broadway any Sat or Sun 12:30 – sundown. You can also bring cooked food on Sundays to be given away. Food & Clothes are distributed every Sunday at the Broadway Farm at 2pm to folks in our community on a need basis.
* Kids lining up for the pinyatta at the Stockton st Farm Halloween-fest New Stockton Farm Starting to Grow, Starting to Play! Lots has been happening at the Stockton st Farm these days! Holly trees have been planted along the perimeter, along with decorative hedges, ivy and flowers. Benches line the recreational area and a greenhouse stands erect in the garden area filled with growing veggies and fruit trees!! We have been busy at our wood-shop building numerous raised veggie beds and fruit tree planters, some of which already stand assembled at the Stockton st Farm. Perhaps most exciting has been the influx in neighborhood involvement and community use of the space. Neighbors regularly stop by and kids play soccer on the wood-chip field during the farm work hours!         Halloween-fest at the Stockton Farm was a great success, in spite of the sudden snow, with lots of families showing up to enjoy the free festivity. There were barbecues, scary decorations and costumes, face painting, pinyattas and even snowman building contests!! We are also happy to have had a field-trip from Cobble Hill High School visit the Stockton st Farm and Broadway Farm. Here is an excerpt from the teachers description of their trip to the farm posted on his classrooms page on the pursuit of science website “On November 4th, 2011, the chemistry students of Cobble Hill visited the Bushwick City Farm with hopes of learning how to handle and care for livestock, track the flow of kinetic energy through biological systems, and to test the pH of ground-soil at various locations throughout the farm. While at the farm, students participated in a massive composting project that involved carefully layering 12,000 pounds of organic material across the Stockton Street lot. Despite the cold weather, we had a great time!” Check out the website to view a slideshow of pictures from their feildtrip to the farm –

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