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Monthly total:

152 volunteer days

477 hours labor


Tuesday April 30th

2 volunteer for 6 hours work

seeding, watering


1 volunteer for 4 hours work at stockton


Sunday April 28th

12 volunteers for 46.5 hours work

We gave away two bags of clothes and 7 dozen eggs

Lots of building, seeding, transplanting, cleaning, built up the front wall, playing


10 volunteers 40 hours work

a neighbor built a bench in front of the farm

seeding, building planter boxes

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5


Friday April 26th

3 volunteers for 8 hours

We picked up a donation of chainlink fencing

Lyons school

The kids played after school

A 1 hour carpentry workshop led by Mr. Andy


3 volunteers for 14 hours

Jobpath for 3.5 hours

Lyons school

Woodshop for 1.5 hours


3 volunteers for 11 hours

Lyons from 1-3

Woodshop from 2-6


1 volunteer for 4 hours

Lyons school

Misc stockton tasks

stitched panoramaphoto 4 photo 5


photo 1

photo 2photo 3photo 4photo 5

DSC_0431 DSC_0391 DSC_0390 photo 1DSC_0365

Sunday April 21st


Today we did next to nothing but about 50 or 60 people showed up to barbecue, play, eat and plant seedlings.

Saturday April 20th

What a work day!

We had about 40 volunteers for about 100 hours labor.

We filled all the planter beds with the 7am delivery of 40 yards of soil.

We moved it all into the lot.  It took us until sunset but we did it!


3 volunteers for 9 hours

Woodshop for 3 hours


3 volunteers for 9 hours

Woodshop for 3 hours


The weekly total is 31 volunteer days and 118.5 hours worked.

Sunday April 14th

Today we had 20 volunteers for 68.5 hours work

We gave away 5 dozen eggs and 3 bags of clothes

We donated tools to a new garden project being started in Williamsburg

We had Broadway and Stockton open all day

At Broadway we turned the compost

we brought fresh mulch over from stockton

we cleaned the flower beds

we prepped the garden area

At stockton we got a drop of mulch from neil

we cut 3x4s for the hexagon beds

we got everything ready for the soil next weekend

we now have finished 16 hexagon beds at this point

we now have finished 5 skinny rectangular beds along the north fence, fully seeded/planted

Saturday April 13th

Today we had 4 volunteers for a total of 18 hours.

We donated tools to a neighbor’s collective garden project

We prepped the hexagon planter beds and seeded radishes and beans

We transplanted Swiss chard, sage, rosemary, broccoli and kale.

We planted boxwoods scavenged from a Manhattan jobsite

Wednesday, April 10th

Today we had 4 volunteers for 26.5 hours work

We worked at Stockton and the woodshop

We picked up some ornamental plants from Manhattan including two large 12 ft. dogwood trees

We planted the trees and filled a box and planted 10 asparagus plants at stockton

We also cut down two large branches off the northern alianthus tree that were dangerously overhanging

There were many kids, one planted her school project bean plant in our new small border box

The woodshop was open for 3 hours

People worked on the small border planter boxes


2 volunteers 4 hours work

We planted hyacinth and daffodil bulbs at stockton



1 volunteer for 1.5 hours work

We picked up a wood donation



weekly total: 28 volunteer days 107 hours labor

Sunday, April 7th, 2013

Today at the farm we had 15 volunteers for 55 hours labor

We gave away 5 dozen eggs and 2 bags of clothes and 30 cans of vegetables, some beans, and pasta

At Broadway we cleaned the chicken coop and turned the compost

At Stockton we sifted soil to fill beds with donated soil

We built two planter boxes along the fence

We did transplanting and seeding

We finished the lining of the new tree box


6 volunteers for 25 hours work

We gave away 1 bag of clothes

We seeded beans and peas at Broadway, we also did some seed starts

We sifted soil to fill planter beds

We watered the seedlings


1 volunteer for 2 hours work

worked with Lyons school


3 volunteers for 15 hours work

Woodshop 2-6

Worked with Lyons school for 2 hours

Worked with jobpath for 3 hours


2 volunteers for 8 hours work

Lyons school 2 hours

Woodshop 3-6


1 volunteer for 2 hours

worked with Lyons school

photo 4 photo 5 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1

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