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Save Bushwick City Farm!

August 29, 2017


Our farm is under threat… How can you help?


1. Sign our online petition 

2. Please call or write to our local officials using this script

Brooklyn Borough President, Eric Adams – 718-802-3700
Borough Hall 209 Joralemon Street – Brooklyn, NY 11201

City Councilmember, Robert E Cornegy Jr. — 718-919-0740
1360 Fulton Street, Suite 500 – Brooklyn, NY 11216

NYC Public Advocate, Letitia James — (212) 669-7250
1 Centre Street, 15th Floor – New York, NY 10007

State Assemblyman, Erik M. Dilan — 718-386-4576
366 Cornelia St – Brooklyn, NY 11237

State Senator, Martin Malave Dilan — (718) 573-1726
3215 Fulton St, – Brooklyn, NY 11208

Mayor, Bill DeBlasio – Call — 311
City Hall – New York, NY 10007
people can also contact the mayor here:

Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Dept of Environmental Protection

3. Please share the following online media stories with friends, colleagues, family, and politicians:

Bushwick Community Space Used by Youth and the Elderly Faces Closure

Community Rallies Together To Try And Save Bushwick City Farm

Daily News: Beloved Brooklyn community farm faces closure

DNA Info: BCF Faces Imminent Eviction

Bushwick Daily: The lot’s owner wants to develop the land Ducklings And Chicks Face Eviction

 About Bushwick City Farm

Since 2011, the Stockton Street location of Bushwick City Farm (BCF) has been a great benefit to the local community by providing free organic food, youth education, a demographic-spanning gathering place, and a green oasis in a densely urban area. The farm is now facing sudden eviction by the land owner, who wants to develop the land. Sign this petition to help save this crucial neighborhood resource.

Every week, year-round, the farm gives free organic eggs to 10–15 families. During the gardening season, BCF harvests 15–35 lbs of produce per week, and 20–30 families harvest additional food from raised vegetable beds on a “take what you need” basis. The farm also provides vegetable seeds, seedlings, and ornamental potted plants to community members and organizations free of charge. These contributions keep local families healthier and put less of a burden on government programs and food pantries.

One of the most important aspects of Bushwick City Farm is its hands-on youth education component. In an article published on July 20, the Washington Post reported: “Research suggests that getting up close and personal with dirt can improve children’s mental and physical health. Gardening can help kids burn off extra energy and control their impulses, develop strong immune systems, and willingly consume more fruits and vegetables.” BCF is a safe space for young people from diverse backgrounds to meet and learn about urban farming while also taking advantage of a swing set, slide, trampoline, communal bicycles, and basketball court.


In addition to the neighborhood’s children, BCF contributes positively to the lives of everyone in the community. The farm is surrounded by NYCHA Housing and is the only green space within several blocks. It has become a back yard to so many families, an alternative to sidewalk play, and a much-needed respite and retreat. On any given weekend at the farm, one will hear several different languages being spoken and see folks of all ages relaxing in the shade of a fruit tree or harvesting produce from the garden.

The owner of the lot where BCF resides has asked the occupants to leave by Aug. 31st, as he plans to develop the land. In a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood that is already bristling with luxury condos and massive housing developments, it would be a tragedy to lose the lush oasis BCF provides.

Sign this petition to show that you are committed to supporting community spaces like Bushwick City Farm, whose presence helps to improve local health and provide a community gathering place as well as a safe place for neighborhood kids to play. Bushwick City Farm is a sorely needed and deeply loved community resource.

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