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2nd Annual Chicken Sh*t Bingo Fundraiser

September 12, 2016

We’re excited to announce our second annual Chicken Sh*t Bingo fundraiser! On Sunday, September 18th, we’ll be turning poop into gold with a rip-roaring Chicken Sh*t Bingo party. All proceeds from the revelry will go toward operating our beautiful farm.

What sorts of fun will there be? We’re so glad you asked!
A raffle with goodies from some fabulous local businesses.

Handmade Bushwick City Farm shirts, patches, and posters!

Cargo bike hayrides from the Cargo Bike Collective!

Face painting from the incredible Lucy Valkyrie



And of course, Chicken Sh*t Bingo!!

How does Chicken Sh*t Bingo work? We feed our chickens a sumptuous meal and then let them loose on a life-size game board. Attendees buy squares ($5 for two squares!), and then we wait for the birds to do their business. If your square is deemed defecation-worthy, you win an awesome prize!

Hopefully all this poop talk is making you hungry… Incredible food will be available for a small donation. 
We’re super excited about this party—and other folks are too.

Can’t wait to see you on Sunday! Feel free to RSVP on Facebook here

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