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Girl, Your Roots Are Showing!

June 11, 2012

Radishes, hombre.

Style magazines are touting this new ombre hair that Rihanna, among others, has been traipsing around in. But in the watch lists of “Who Wore It Best”: The Visible Roots Edition, we’d like to practice a moment of total self-infatuation and nominate ourselves, Bushwick City Farm, for the Un Certain Regard award. We’re rocking our roots and we have been since inception!


Cut it up anyway you want and take it for a night on the town!

Stockton and Broadway are brimming with the fruits (or vegetables, as the case is) of an early harvest. We’ve got carrots, beets, radishes…and, just to make the above-ground vegetables feel included, we’ve got some lettuce too. But let us focus on our roots. We’ll be giving them all out on the regular, until they’re gone, so that you can get a bite of Bushwick, and get in on this newest root flaunting trend. Check out your style predecessors below.




All photos courtesy of Jason Reis.

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