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The Scratch

May 14, 2012

And finally, without further ado, we offer you our inaugural City Farm profile…where we introduce you to one member of our community. And since we’re big on remembering that animals and plants are part of our system, we also like to include them as part of our community.

Therefore, let us introduce you to Mama.


Portrait of a Lady

Occupation: Senior Ratter, Agent of Symbiosis

Age: 2ish

Languages: Catonese, a little bit of Spanish

Hours: Nocturnal

Aliases: Miss Mama, Gray Cat

Mama hails from the streets of Bushwick. She and her sister were rescued by Masha and Vinny roughly two years ago when they were found in a sorry state hanging around the neighborhood bodegas looking for food. After a full vet check that included neutering services, vaccines and hydration, they were placed in the newly constructed cat house at the back of the Broadway farm. Though her sister went off to live her own life, Mama took to farm living where in exchange for food, shelter and freedom she protects our birds from the large and aggressive rats that roam the streets. Sometimes, the birds let her drink their water. Commensalism at its finest. Many a time we’ve had the pleasure of collecting Mama’s form of rent after an evening on the prowl…usually after tripping over it. Fantastic!

Though feral and much happier outside than in the confines of an apartment, Mama is partial to positive attention and can sometimes be found during work days, balled up in someone’s lap.


Lion King realness in front of the Compost Bin!

Giving it up to nature…giving it up to Julie Taymor.

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