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Oh Beehive!

April 20, 2012

This past weekend, the Stockton lot welcomed its newest edition…or what looks to bee 400+ of its newest editions…our haute hymenoptera. Check ’em out.

A formation of Apiformes

These trusty critters come fully equipped with proboscises and electromagnetic charges, courtesy of Beekeeper Jeff Polley, seen posing below with his hive and his assistant.

Beehiving appropriately

Those of you who had planned to eventually use the Stockton lot as a quiet refuge from the hard-knock life of the streets of Bushwick should not be worried that your dreams are being attacked by a cloud of angry bees. These guys are pretty domesticated, and pretty friendly, as bees go, and are mostly interested in our plants and not your company. Refuge away.

This is, of course, a second generation of bees as Bushwick City Farm’s initial foray into taming the buzz was cut short by the mystery plague that has been overtaking so very many bees. (Click HERE for information on Colony Collapse Disorder.)

Here’s to a season of honey and pollination! We’ll be rooting for our new flowerbedfellows, while we’re rooting around our garden beds. Speaking of which…

More props to more volunteers who used the amazing weather as an excuse to promote your mom’s healthy vegetable agenda. In addition to fruit trees, we’ve now got radishes…


…and greens. And look at the beautiful end result:

Now just imagine it post-growth with actual leaves…!

So things are abuzz (that’s sort of the last awful pun of this entry) and more is to come. Up next, our first profile and a more in-depth piece on the Egyptian-like wall formation east of Stockton.

A final shout-out to our hard-working bee experts:

Jeff Polley and B Man (Bee Man?)

We will see you all at our Earth Day Celebration on Sunday…April 22…1-4…Stockton Lot! Peace.


All photos courtesy of BCF volunteer Jason Reis.

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