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City Transplants

April 13, 2012

Ah Spring! Season of Birth…

Also, season of Earth Day. That’s right. In a little over a week (SUNDAY, APRIL 22nd), we’re going to publicly acknowledge our appreciation for Earth. So whether you’re personally planning to worship at the altar of Rachel Carson, or official Earth Day father Senator Gaylord Nelson, or absorb the nature that surrounds you, you should plan to come to our Earth Day celebration. We will be at the Stockton Lot from 1-4, accompanied by these little transplanted newborns:

Those are 21 little cherry tomato seedlings up for (free!) grabs. That’s 21 pots of YES! for you to pick from so that you can start your own little green corner in our concrete jungle. Remember last spring when hanging tomato plants were all the rage? They aren’t out of style yet…

Speaking of mmmeeemmmmorrrriiiieeeessss,

Organic soil-covered meeeemmmmmorrrrriiiieeeeessss….

Remember way back two weeks ago when the earth moved? After a brief asylum on the inside of our gates, our soil has found its permanent home in our fruit tree boxes, thanks to the hard work of neighborhood volunteers. Look at ’em go!

So(il) VERY impressive!

It now decorates the fruit tree boxes with its earthy goodness:

We are one step closer to getting our garden expansion to a level of actual functionality! Spring is in the air and in the fruit tree boxes!

Check back soon for our first City Farm Profile!

All photos courtesy of volunteer Jason Reis.

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